Paljaat pillut rakkaushoroskooppi me naiset

paljaat pillut rakkaushoroskooppi me naiset

, not with portal itself being undefined. If you would like me to expand on my reasons for saying that, then I would be willing in principle to start a new section and. 19:00 Vaikka Maijan elämänmuutos on sujunut positiivisissa merkeissä, hän on huomannut, ettei kotirouvan elämä sovi heikkohermoiselle.   AReaderOutThataway t / c 04:26, (UTC) Oppose per characterisation of editors requesting deletion as a "small band of determined editors". (There may have been a few where the whole portal was a cat/navbox clone, but I don't recall any). These shouldn't be deprecated. I also think that there might be a lack of awareness that results in less interest. I was only curious why the!delete voters and the closing admin.


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: Paljaat pillut rakkaushoroskooppi me naiset

I suspect some of these dumb/vague/irrelevant portal links I've found are the result of "upmerging" the incoming links when a more specific portal is deleted. But I think we probably have a little time to go before Portal:Latvia runs off to make babies with Portal:East Timor. I wonder if the adoption of viewing Wikipedia on a mobile phone makes/made portals less visible? Mitä ihmettä se naapuri puuhaa? I would not suggest redirects from all topics, but there are some distinct subtopics, such as states to countries or major branches of a field of study to the field itself, for which I think this would be appropriate. We don't just need rules that justify deletion or harm creation, we also need some rules against deletion. Yleensä se ei onnistu. I have also suggested that every half reasonable portal can be moved into its corresponding WikiProject. And if for some reason, somebody wants to add a content fork on that topic to another portals, they will do much better to create a new fork from he current version of the article. This RfC was started by a portal fan, so they didn't create the best starting rational, but please see past that to the bigger picture. paljaat pillut rakkaushoroskooppi me naiset

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